When in Utah . . .

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If you ever get the chance to head to Utah for vacation or if you’re just passing through the state, you must make time to go to Zion National Park. My parents and I headed there for a day over my Christmas break, which was a breathtaking getaway from the city. The scenery is almost other-worldly. There really is no other way to describe it.


This pic (above) was taken after a hike up one of the canyons where you could look over the edge (Can you say stomach-dropping?). I loved the way these rocks were formed so differently than the ones in the background.

IMG_6192The best part, though, was visiting what is often a forgotten part of Zion called Kolob Canyon. It’s kind of on the back end of the park (or so I’m told). We timed it just right to make it to the top of the mountain at the golden hour, and the view was beyond words. I can’t wait to go back!