What's in my bag: Brahmin edition

I’m always curious about what other people have in their bags, what they consider their daily necessities. I tend to carry the same stuff with me every day, although I might pare down depending on the bag size. My go-to, carry-all bag is my Brahmin Melbourne tote

Fossil wallet: a good-quality leather wallet that’s big enough to hold all my frequent coffee-buyer cards
—Kindle: a must-have in case of a long wait (currently reading Les Miserables)
—H&M glasses (similar): my baby blues are sensitive, so I wear sunnies on even the cloudiest of days 
—iPhone (case here): emails, Instagram, Twitter
— Business cards: you never know who you’ll meet
—Coffee sleeve (love this Rodarte version)
Lipstick, lip gloss and chapstick: I like to have one of each handy
—Pressed powder: for shiny emergencies
—Pouch (originally from H&M, but a cute one here): holds my tag-along makeup
—Coach sunglasses case: I tend to break sunglasses easily, so this is my failsafe