Weekly Findings - May 21

I am excited to announce that today, being my first free day of summer, was also the first day I got to go garage saling, something I look forward to when summer rolls around. I usually go with my mom, my grandma, some aunts, and sometimes some cousins; it’d a family affair, a tradition we’ve done since I was little. And the best part is that sometimes you can find some really amazing “junk” (to other people) that’s relatively inexpensive.

For instance, today I bought this Tignanello leather bag for three dollars! It’s a cross-body bag, which is a big trend for this summer. If you’ve never gone garage saling before, I’d suggest going sometime this summer. Not only can you find one-of-a-kind stuff, but you can find some on-trend things, as well.

Good luck! I’ll keep you updated on my findings every week.