Weekly Findings - July 9

I hit the jackpot today, but only with a couple of items. July is always a terrible time to garage sale, evidence of the $7 my mom and I spent total today. But sometimes you never know what you’ll find. Take, for instance, this cute vintage-looking purse I got! It was only 50 cents, and it doubles as a clutch. I can’t wait to carry this!

Also at the same garage sale were a bunch of perfume bottles. Most of the perfumes I hadn’t heard of, but I saw these two designer fragrances and snatched them up right away. They both smell so wonderful, but even better was the price: 50 cents a piece. I can definitely afford that!

Have a great weekend, everybody! As a bonus, tomorrow is yet another garage saling day for me with a few of my friends. Hopefully I’ll find more good deals.