Weekly Findings - July 23

One of the best parts of going to garage sales when the heat index is 104 degrees is that nobody is thinking about winter, let alone wanting to touch anything that isn’t Egyptian cotton or another fabric with amazing cooling effects. That’s probably why my fall/winter/early spring wardrobe is ten times bigger than my summer wardrobe; I find way too many cute sweaters, blazers, and long-sleeved shirts at garage sales because I am not afraid. Sometimes it is painful to grab that wool sweater and picture it in an outfit, but when winter hits, I am always so thankful I braved the heat and bought that merino sweater for fifty cents, even if it was 95 degrees outside at the time.

All this to say, my mom snatched this set up right away and practically threw it into my arms at a garage sale yesterday. It’s cashmere, it’s from Macy’s, and it was only $3. Score. Cute winter accessories with beautiful colors like this make me desire that 25 degree weather even more. I live for winter.