Weekly Findings - July 16

July’s slump is officially broken as of yesterday! I didn’t get home from garage sales until 5:30, which is the latest it has been all summer. My mom and I both bought some nice dress pants that were from LOFT, The Limited, Express - all for a dollar a piece!

But the real find yesterday, if you couldn’t tell, was what’s in the picture. I got a genuine leather vest that is so slimming that my mom gasped a little when I tried it on over my clothes at the sale. I also got this super cute ballerina-esque skirt; it’s very flowy and reminds me of something I saw Hayley Williams from Paramore wearing in a recent magazine article.

No worries, though; I will not be pairing my leather skirt with my leather vest. That’s a little too biker for me (and for most people, as well). I love the contrast between these two finds: tough and girly. I can’t wait to put these to good use.

Any other amazing finds yesterday?