Weekly Findings - August 19

Endings can be so bittersweet. Goodbye, summer (garage sales, hang time with family and friends from home); hello, school (friends at college, stay up til 2 talking every other night). Yesterday was a great way to end the garage sale season - for me, at least. Not only did I find some pretty cute stuff, but my friends, Liz and Megan, came with me as an early birthday celebration (my birthday is on Sunday). We didn’t find a lot of stuff, but we definitely had fun!

So yesterday’s findings included this interesting Anne Klein tunic for fifty cents and this oh-so-cute half-knit, half-fur vest for a dollar. Big fan of fur (faux fur, that is, for all you PETAs). We also went to Old Navy, and I bought jeggings, which will go perfectly with this tunic. The colors remind me of fall, and the cut of the shirt was so flattering. I’m picturing my Banana Republic heels with this ensemble. Good idea, no?

I hope everybody has a great weekend, and I’ll be back on Monday with birthday updates, transition pieces updates, and packing/moving back to college updates!