Weekly Findings - August 13

You’d think that toward the end of the summer, people would begin to realize how much junk and stuff they’ve been hoarding in their homes that they need to get rid of before the new school year starts or before fall begins. Not the case. Of course, it doesn’t help that around the area, some kids have already started school, which always cuts back on the number and quality of garage sales. Yesterday was pretty pathetic, though; we spent more at TJ Maxx than we did at sales yesterday.

What I did find, however, I’m excited to wear. I found the perfect army green blouse to pair with the leopard skirt I bought two days ago, and it was only fifty cents. My friend, Emily, found this adorable (and warm!) Steve Madden coat, but it was a little too big for her. It fit perfectly, which saved the day for me; I had been looking for another sportier coat to wear this winter because my old one is getting worn out. The price? Two dollars.

Hope everybody has a great weekend! I’m probably going to begin the long process of packing for school; I leave in a little over a week.