Weekly Findings - August 12

I’m pretty sure that yesterdaywas the most successful day garage saling ever (if you’re in the clothing market, that is). My mom even said that there has never been a summer for clothes like this before. My friend, Anna, and her mom went with us yesterday, so maybe they bring good luck. Anna and Tammi, you’ll just have to come with us from now on!

I hit the jackpot with blouses with neckties yesterday. I found two in my size from Gap for a dollar each, and I can’t wait to pair both of them with high-waisted skirts and a cute cardigan. I also found a beautiful navy blouse from Gap, as well, for only a dollar; I love the print on it! It fit a little funky because it actually has pockets on the side that are fairly bulky, but I think it’ll look great with a blazer and maybe a pair of jeggings (next on my to-buy list).

Also - love animal prints! This skirt was two dollars, and it fits me perfectly. It will look so cute with flats. I also want to try pairing animal prints with the military trend; I saw that in a recent Harper’s Bazaar magazine and wanted to try that out. Perhaps a future post? The purple sweater is from J Crew, and it was only a dollar. It’s wool, which is perfect for getting from class to class once it gets chillier out during the school year. The purple is lovely.

Today is - you guessed it - more garage sales! Has anyone else had some amazing finds lately?