Wedding Skincare Routine

The wedding countdown has almost hit 60 days, but even when the countdown was still in the triple digits, I started working on perfecting my skincare regime. I live by the philosophy that good, clear skin is the best starting base for makeup. I feel like I've really nailed down my routine with some fantastic products, so I'm excited to share them with you! Pretty much if it contains hyaluronic acid (an ultra nourishing, moisturizing ingredient that's not heavy) and ingredients that help keep oily skin at bay, it's in my routine.

The above photo are the products I use in my morning skincare routine. I tend to keep that pretty minimal; I rinse my face off with water (no cleanser because I find that makes my skin oilier throughout the day). I need all the help I can get in the eye department (hello, bags, puffiness, and darkness), and this eye cream is the best in the morning when applied with this little guy. I like to roll this massager over my face and then mix and apply my concoction of moisturizer (which is the best because it contains hyaluronic acid), sunscreen, and liquid highlighter.

My evening skincare routine is much more complex (but it's something I really enjoy doing to relax and get ready for bed at night). I first remove all my makeup: this micellar water takes off my eye makeup, and this cleansing oil takes off all my face makeup. I like to alternate between this high-end cleanser and this drugstore cleanser to double-cleanse my face after I wash off all the makeup. The most recent addition to my evening skincare routine is a facial microneedle roller, which is intimidating as all get out at first to use but actually feels pretty good (plus it helps your serum be more effective and sink in deeper).

For serums, I alternate between three: this crazy expensive but seriously good one, an affordable one containing my favorite hyaluronic acid, and another affordable one containing glycolic acid (which is a great chemical exfoliant). I then like to apply my evening eye cream, which is an uplifting gel that you can actually feel working. The last and final step? Moisturizing. Once a week I use this oil in lieu of the best hyaluronic acid lotion (that's also from the drugstore). 

I know what you're thinking—that's a lot of products for one woman to use. I truly enjoy the process of doing my morning and evening skincare routines, and my skin is the clearest and healthiest it has been in my entire life. Bring on the wedding day!