Want List: Christmas for under $25

As a college student, I understand the desire to buy gifts for my friends but not being able to afford much. Luckily, our friends in retail are one step ahead of everyone, and many cute items are now affordable! Check out the list I came up with:

  1. Twisted Peppermint Wallflower ($6.50) - I use Bath and Body Work’s wallflowers in my dorm room at school, and I recently put in this twisted peppermint scent. It makes the room smell refreshing and just like the holidays!
  2. Metallic Shimmer Legging ($19.50) - These leggings from Charlotte Russe are begging to be warn to a Christmas or New Years’ party. They’d be perfect with a super tough pair of booties.
  3. Bow Clutch ($16.99) - I can’t think of a chicer way to exude holiday spirit than to carry this cute Merona clutch around. Plus it comes with a strap, which is perfect to accent your cute LBD.
  4. Faux Fur Scarf ($9.80) - Two great things in one item? I’ll take it. Forever 21 is genius in mixing trends with affordable prices, and this faux fur scarf is practical and stylish.
  5. Gold Pave Knotted Ring ($24.50) - This ring, which you can find at Ann Taylor LOFT, is as stunning as its low price tag. I think it’s a perfect balance of delicate and chunky, and its details add that wow factor. Gorgeous.
  6. Popcorn Knit Hat ($24.50) - Even though this hat from Gap isn’t made out of the warmest material, it is certainly cute both in style and in color. But let’s face it: the pom-pom makes the hat. 

I hope everybody’s Black Friday shopping has been productive and safe! I’m off to a wedding this weekend, and then back to school on Sunday. Have a great weekend!