Want List: Versace for H&M

I’m fairly certain designer-meets-masses collaborations are the most genius idea ever (thank, Target, H&M and Macy’s). For those who simply can’t afford the real thing — like us college students — collaborations offer a taste of a runway-worthy collection at a fraction of the price. H&M’s latest collaboration with Versace has something for everyone. There are whimsical colors and bold, tropical prints, but I personally lean toward the edgier pieces. Here’s what is on my want list from this collaboration:

  1. Silk Dress £129.99
  2. Silk Dress £69.99
  3. Bag £69.99
  4.  Leather Dress £179.99
  5. Leather Strap Sandals £69.99
  6. Silk Dress £79.99

See the full collection, as well as other H&M collaborations, here on Vogue.