Daily: Velvet Love

Unfortunately, I didn’t have an opportunity to Halloween it up this weekend. But lucky for us girls, the community parents always bring their little kids through the girls’ halls so we can ooh and ahh over their cute kids. I saw many fairies, bumblebees, lady bugs, princesses, Iron Mans, roaring Transformers, and firemen. Too cute. That’s the bad thing about college: we’re deprived of adorable little kids. Here’s the breakdown:

Turtleneck: Gap
Empire Shirt: Garage sale (H&M)
Jeggings: Elle (Kohl’s)
Booties: Charlotte Russe
Earrings: Claire’s

Once it becomes cooler outside, I love adding velvet touches to everything. I bought these really cool velvet pants at a garage sale this summer, and I can’t wait to pull them out of my closet. Velvet always screams “it’s getting closer to winter and Christmas and snow” to me. I love it.

I bought these booties and jeggings this past weekend. My other pair of jeggings I wear so often that I thought another pair would be helpful as far as wear and tear. The booties weren’t exactly comfortable, and after a morning and early afternoon of wearing them, I immediately hobbled up to my dorm room after pictures were done to take them off.

I was lucky enough to make two trips to Fort Wayne this weekend. Yesterday I got to see my parents, who treated me to Starbucks (white chocolate mocha - it’s my life staple). I found some super cute rings at Banana Republic, and my mom bought me a pair of really cute houndstooth flats. Believe me when I say they will be in a post this week. Probably tomorrow’s.

Happy November!