Daily: Tulle Like a Ballerina

Growing up, I took years and years of ballet lessons, and then I was offered a huge scholarship to study ballet in New York, which I turned down for a school in nice, frigid Indiana. Just kidding. I did not take any ballet lesson, and I was not offered a scholarship for ballet in New York. I do like So You Think You Can Dance; that’s close enough to ballet, right? Here’s the breakdown:

Bow Tee: Gap
Tiered Skirt: LC by Lauren Conrad (Kohl’s)
Leggings: Elder Beerman
Boots: Salvation Army
Earrings and Bracelets: ???

I had my eye on this skirt and ones like it for months but just couldn’t bring myself to pay $44. Being the super smart college kid I am, I waited until it was on clearance for $8. The poor skirt has been waiting in my closet since December to be worn, but I feel like it needs warmer weather to be worn properly. Do not be deceived; today only looks like a nice day. In reality, the high is 15, and the low tonight is supposed to be -7. But the skirt just couldn’t wait any longer.

The girliness of the skirt is adorable, but I wanted to toughen it up a little. In my utopia (and in my planner), I’d pair it with my leather vest. However, after trying to make that look work, I nixed the vest and just stuck with the leather boots instead, along with a studded bracelet. Mission complete.