Daily: Tri-Neutrals

Today I’m pulling a little (okay, a lot) inspiration from the hat I recently finished knitting. It’s this really cool tri-color alpaca yarn in cream, brown, and black - the softest stuff on earth. I believe my words when I bought the yarn were, “I just want to swim in that basket of alpaca yarn over there.” Here’s the breakdown:

Sweater: Garage sale
Camisole: Gap
Black Jeggings: Macy’s
Boots: Macy’s
Hat: self-made
Bracelet: H&M
Ring: Giveaway

Remember the new brown boots I got from fall (shown in this post)? Well, they didn’t work out. The leather was terrible, so I returned them for the boots in today’s post - these amazing, lovely over-the-knee boots. They’re not exactly the riding boots I was hoping for, but they’ll definitely do!

Reminder to self: never wear a fuzzy sweater with black pants otherwise you will be using a lint roller every other minute. I bought the sweater at a garage sale earlier this summer, and it’s also really soft. It’s just the type of thing I look forward to wearing once the weather begins to cool down into the 50’s.

So…are you a fan of the brown and black mix?