Transition S2F: Shorts

My friend, Megan, brought up an interesting idea that I don’t think is addressed enough. What are some key season transition pieces, and how do I work them from season to season? Considering the economy’s sad attempt to bounce back and my even sadder college budget, I thought it’d be great to show off some key transition pieces. First off? Shorts!

I always used to think that shorts were a late spring and all summer piece, but last year, thanks to Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, and Rachel Bilson, they became a fall and winter piece, as well.

Shorts are obviously great for the summer. They’re short, cool, and can basically be paired with anything. I live in shorts all summer. But they can also be worn well into the dead of winter with tights! I used to absolutely hate tights, but over the years I have learned to love them. And for good reason, too! You can buy sweater tights, which keep your legs relatively warm (or regular weight tights like the ones I have on in the pic); plus, tights paired with shorts automatically has that “cool girl” factor. Add a striped shirt, a blazer, and some ankle booties (or flats or motorcycle boots), and you’re well on your way to that transition!

If you want more ideas regarding shorts in the fall, check out some pics of the aforementioned ladies (Alexa, Kate, and Rachel). Also, today might be my last garage sale day of the year. I am sad to say it, but hopefully I’ll find some great deals!