Transition S2F: Plaid

You know that plaid shirt you bought last fall that transitioned into spring and summer? Well, keep it! Plaid is still a big trend for fall this year, and you can wear it in so many different ways that if you don’t have a plaid shirt yet, you should definitely buy one.

While it’s still warm out, try rolling or scrunching a plaid shirt and pairing it with a miniskirt and oxfords. Then, transition it into fall with jeggings, a faux fur vest, and a pair of heels. If you’re not feeling the faux fur trend, wear jeggings, a chunky necklace,¬†and some riding boots. You’d be ready for prep school in no time.

Today is the big moving day back to Taylor University. I’ll post pics of my dorm room up as soon as we’re all moved in and organized. Let the school year commence!