Born This Way—Is It Worth the Hype?

Born This Way—Is It Worth the Hype? | Re-Mix-Her

Now that winter seems to be behind us and summer is looming, I have foundation on my mind. To give you some background: My skin is normal/oily. In the winter, it's not too oily, but come summer, I'm more oily than normal. I'm constantly on the hunt for foundation that will mattify me without looking cakey and that will last in the hottest summer months through sweat and humidity. Guys . . . I think I've found a winner.

Meet Too Faced's Born This Way foundation. This is not a new foundation, as it released last year, but the lightest shade that they released at the time was way too dark and way too yellow for me. Then they expanded the shade range, and Snow, the lightest and coolest of the new colors, immediately sold out and has been sold out ever since. Randomly last week I checked Sephora's website and saw Snow was back in stock—score!

This foundation is serious business. It's full coverage, mattifying, and long-wearing—everything I look for in a foundation, especially a summer foundation. I wore it over the weekend and applied it at 9 in the morning, and at 10 at night, it had successfully survived a warm day spent in the sun and wind playing ultimate frisbee and a concert. It didn't break up after 13 hours of wear and tear; it was still going strong. I'm excited to see how it'll handle a summer day in Omaha, 90 degrees in 100% humidity. I have the feeling it'll perform just as well as it did this weekend.