Daily: Theft-Free

I promise I didn’t steal anything that I’m wearing, although I did borrow my cardigan from my roommate. But the rest of it is mine, and I didn’t steal it from any guy. My shoes, my watch (which was a man’s but I bought from him at a garage sale), the plaid of my shorts - they’re all mine. But boy, oh boy, do I love menswear-inspired pieces. Here’s the breakdown:

Cardigan: Borrowed from roommate
Blouse: TJ Maxx (The Limited)
Short: The Limited
Tights: Kohl’s
Oxfords: eBay (Steven by Steve Madden)
Ring: Banana Republic
Watch: Garage sale

This is how my outfit morphed this morning. I didn’t have anything picked out (which is rare), was looking through my lookbooks, and saw plaid shorts. I love wearing shorts in winter with tights, I thought, at which point I promptly pulled these out of my dresser. My next thought was what would Olivia Palermo do? She would add an unexpected color, some prints, and some menswear. So, the contrast with the yellow plaid in the shorts, I added a purple cardigan, a funky printed blouse, and a few menswear inspired pieces.

If my morning was any indication of how the weekend will go, I’m betting it will be a productive one. Before you go, check out my post below of blog awards. Visit the sites and support the women who run them. Also, if you aren’t following me on Twitter, BlogLovin’, or Facebook, do it now! Hope your weekend will be as productive as mine!