The Summer Drugstore Eyeshadow Palette


I've spent the past month combing through my makeup drawers and taking a good, hard look at what works well for me, what's expired, and what I don't reach for. My foundation drawer is shockingly pared down, and reorganizing my makeup made me realize I need to be pickier about new makeup I add to my collection and keeping only what works best for me. That means shelling out money for products that will be used frequently or that are unique to what I already own.


Let me introduce you to the coolest, most unique palette at the drugstore right now: Maybelline's Lemonade Craze Eyeshadow Palette. Social media teasers debuted a couple of months before this palette was available, and I pre-ordered it to make sure it arrived on my doorstep as soon as possible. The palette contains twelve shades, with a healthy mix of mattes and shimmers that become even more intense with a little setting spray. 

The colors found in the palette and the fact it's drugstore-affordable make it quite unique to anything I currently own. I find the colors (even the bright yellow and the raspberry shades) surprisingly wearable; I'm even able to work them into my 8–5 makeup looks. I love how versatile the shades are, too—used to create a pink look and a warmer-toned look.

In terms of the formula, that's where my one gripe lies with this palette. The shimmers aren't consistent in their pigmentation; most of them are great, but there are one or two that are a little too sheer for my taste. The darkest shade in the palette, too, comes out pretty patch and requires a few layers to build up depth. Other than two or three of the shadows, though, the rest are fantastic. Expect a little powdery fallout when you use it, but it's easy to put up with if you're careful or if you do your eye makeup before your base makeup.

Oh, and did I mention the palette smells like lemonade? It's a fun, different palette to add to your collection for the summer, and I plan to get a lot of use out of it during the warmer months.