The Not-So-Ordinary Foundation


One of my favorite beauty products to test out is foundation. Finding the perfect foundation is challenging because it's quite dependent on many factors: skin type, time of the month, how hydrated you are, time of the year, the humidity. It's almost like a hunt to find the perfect foundation (if that even exists), and believe me when I say I've tried my fair share of high-end and drugstore foundations that have performed really well or really poorly.

I've been testing my latest foundation victim since December, so after more than four months of wearing it a few times each week, I have a pretty solid opinion on The Ordinary Serum Foundation. The Ordinary is a brand of DECIEM and burst onto the scene a couple of years ago. Their skincare range was quite buzzed about because of its simplicity and its price (which, if you take a look at their entire line, is shockingly affordable with a plethora of amazing reviews). Their foundations launched shortly after, and I finally got my hands on the serum version late last year.

The Pros

Their shade range for pale girls is incredible. I've moaned and groaned about this before, but with many foundations I find the lightest shade isn't light enough for me. This shade range has an amazing variety of really light shades in a variety of undertones. (I wear 1.0 NS, which has a silver undertone to it.). I do think they have a ways to go in terms of their deeper shades, though.

The formula itself is truly stunning. It's dewy and hydrating, but it can be set with powder beautifully to last a few hours longer. It also gives my skin an almost-highlighted look; it's not an extreme highlight, but my skin definitely looks brighter when I use this foundation. My skin also looks like skin, and the coverage is definitely light-to-medium. I find this works really well during days when it's 55 and below. Any warmer than that, and things get a little slippery (which I'll explain further in the cons).


The price is also pretty incredible. At $6.90 a bottle, it's affordable and surprisingly well-performing for the price. I think of other foundations I've tried in that price range that did not do my skin justice, and my only wish is that The Ordinary would be more widely available. Walgreens? CVS? You guys need to snatch up this brand.

The Cons

I mentioned above that once it gets above 55, this foundation becomes a little iffy for me. I have oily skin in the warmer months, and we've had a few above-60 days the past few weeks. I've worn the foundation during those days, only to discover it started to move around on my face quite a bit. I'd say if you're interested in this brand and have oily skin like I do, save this particular foundation for cooler days and maybe buy a bottle of their Coverage Foundation. If you have dry skin, though, my bet is that this serum foundation will work for you all year long!

The formula itself tends to settle into my laugh lines throughout the day, and I have to keep a sponge on me if I'm out and about to perform touch-ups. It also rubs off my nose easily because of my perpetual allergies. It's certainly not a long-lasting formula; I can get around eight solid hours of wear out of the foundation before it begins to break up.

My only other qualm about this foundation is its availability. It tends to sell out pretty quickly online, and it's pretty hard to find in-stores here in the U.S. If you're looking to buy a shade but aren't sure, Google Image "The Ordinary Serum Foundation swatches," and hopefully that'll help.


I'm excited to try out more from The Ordinary! I definitely want to try the Coverage Foundation this summer, and I have my eye on the Caffeine Solution as an under-eye treatment and the Glycolic Acid Solution as a toner. What about you? Will you be testing out this not-so-ordinary foundation?