The Last Mrs. Parrish Review


I used to spend the majority of my summers as a kid reading. We had a bookmobile that would visit our neighborhood frequently throughout the summer, and I'll never forget riding my bike to pick out a few new books to read.

Summers are for reading, whether that's on the beach or huddled up in the air conditioning. It has been a while since I found a book I wanted to spend hours gobbling up, but The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine fit the bill perfectly. The book tells the story of two women, Amber and Daphne, who come from very different backgrounds but both with skeletons in their closets—some of their own making, and some forced there by others. 


Liv Constantine, which is the pen name of the two sisters who wrote the book, does a remarkable job of developing the characters to the point of feeling torn between what Amber wants and what Daphne wants. The book is quite a wild, psychological ride, and if you love a good plot twist, this book will deliver. I'd highly recommend taking it on your summer vacation!