Daily: The Day it Didn't Rain

Don’t you love those days when rain is forecast and your town is under a tornado watch, so you wear rain boots and carry your umbrella around all day, just to find out that it never rained a drop and you looked like a fool? That’s me today! At least I’m a prepared fool. Here’s the breakdown:

Striped Tee: Goodwill
Shorts: Forever 21
Rain Boots: Goodwill
Necklace: TargetĀ 

Today’s outfit is pretty simple: stripes, shorts, rain boots, and a necklace. But I will admit that sometimes I’m fondest of the simplest outfits. Something seems so relaxed and casual about these shorts and stripes, yet the mix of navy, olive, and brown adds a little safari chic. I have a feeling this will be my go-to uniform on my off days during the summer, only with short sleeves.