The Blue Eyeshadow Everyone's Talking About


Yep, today we're talking about that blue eyeshadow: the one that's making its way into every YouTube makeup tutorial at the moment. In case you've been living under a rock and haven't heard about Kim Kardashian West's makeup collaboration with her makeup artist, Mario, they created a stunning collection of eyeshadow and lip products, the pinnacle of which is this eyeshadow palette. It looks like a fairly tame palette until you come across that gorgeous blue shade that has everyone in the beauty community buzzing.

I've been a longtime fan of using blue eyeliner for a fun pop of color in the summer, so seeing as how KKW has been reigniting makeup lovers' obsession with pops of blue around the eyes, I thought I'd share some similar colors and products you can use to achieve a similar vibe (but without shelling $45 for the entire eyeshadow palette).


If blue eyeshadow isn't your thing but you're willing to give blue eyeliner a go, it can be a quick, mess-free, no-blending-necessary way of incorporating a pop of color. The most vibrant of the five I pulled from my collection is this liquid liner from L'Oreal. This is my favorite one to use in the warmer months with a minimal, matte eyeshadow look and a bold winged liner. Another great option is this one by Kat Von D, which is also liquid and has such an electric look to it.


Sephora has a pencil liner called "Summer Cruise," and it is absolutely stunning. Sephora's pencil liners are some of my favorite formulas for liner because they're so long-lasting and work really well in the water line. If you want something that'll work really well on your bottom lash line like what I've done in today's photos, this liner will be your best bet for achieving a similar look sans eyeshadow.

Let's say the whole electric/royal blue thing won't work for your nine-to-five but you still want a look that isn't black or brown. I'd recommend going with something navy, which will pull just blue enough that it'll be an interesting, different take on your typical work-appropriate makeup. Smashbox has a beautiful navy liner in their Always Sharp line, and Tarte occasionally releases its Clay Paint Liner in different shades like the navy one I have in my collection.


If you're willing to do a little blending and be a little more adventurous, eyeshadow is a fun way to incorporate that KKW pop of blue. There are a ton of great drugstore options out there, both in palette and individual eyeshadow form that won't break the bank. I achieved the blue bottom lash line look by mixing the bright blue in Jaclyn Hill's Morphe palette with the bright blue found in the NYX Avant Pop palette. Both are great options and really affordable. Another great palette I haven't had the chance to try but have only heard great things about is Covergirl's Jewels TruNaked Eyeshadow palette.


Because so many of us have to go into the office every day and can't experiment with bold makeup without our coworkers giving us strange looks, I wanted to mention L'Oreal's Colour Riche La Palette Noir, which can be used to achieve a softer blue look without going overboard and looking too bold.

As for other individual and palette options, Maybelline and L'Oreal are killing it in the colored eyeshadow department. They've both undergone eyeshadow reformulations within the past two years or so, and their eyeshadows are some of the best at the drugstore now. L'Oreal's Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadow in "Grand Bleu" and Maybelline's Expert Wear Eyeshadow in "Acid Rain" are great individual pans if you don't want to buy an entire new palette just for one color. If you are looking for a smaller palette, though, that includes a bright blue for that KKW look, look no farther than Maybelline's The City Mini Palette in "Concrete Runway" and L'Oreal's Colour Riche Pocket Palette in "Avant Garde Azure."


What do you think of the blue eyeshadow craze KKW and Mario have ignited? Will you be trying out the look?