Ten travel essentials


With my upcoming trip back to Omaha and a summer vacation to visit my parents in Salt Lake City, I’m in travel mode. I have a bag that’s with me in the front seat throughout the entire trip, and it’s enough to keep me entertained and refreshed for 12-plus-hour trips.

1. Caffeine: I prefer coffee in the morning, but come afternoon when I don’t want quite as big of an energy kick, Starbucks Refreshers are my favorites.

2. Perfume: Rather than risk a full bottle, I travel with these rollerballs.

3. Kindle Fire: I can carry 100 books without the weight or bulk. Plus, my composition cover makes my tablet that much better.

4. LotionA must when the AC is running full blast and drying out my hands.

5. Magazines: The one thing I will make added room for in my bag. I refuse to read these on my Kindle unless absolutely necessary. Glossies just aren’t glossies when they’re on a tablet.

6. iPhone Charger: My iPhone can’t survive long trips without an added boost.

7. Lip Gloss: I try to consolidate my makeup as much as possible when traveling, so tubes of pink and coral lip gloss are all I need.

8. Havaianas: I’m not normally a flip-flop girl; I only wear them to and from the pool. I make an exception when I’m traveling, though, and Havaianas are the best flip-flops out there.

9. Mascara: A little mascara goes a long way to freshen up your face, especially when the effort of putting the rest of your makeup on doesn’t seem worth it while on the road.

10. Light Sweater: Ideal for cozying up for a nap while someone else does the driving.