Combo: Teal and Coral

I have, once again, copped out on a daily outfit post. My day yesterday was spent preparing camp stuff for the upcoming 10 days of camping, so my outfit wasn’t all that inspired (or inspiring). Although, I did wear this teal shirt and paired it with this coral necklace I recently bought at a garage sale. It was a very unexpected color combo, but I really like it. They just seem to compliment each other and “pop.”

Also, check out the blazers I found at Goodwill recently, too; I apologize in advance for the horrible photos. The reddish one (more coral than the photo actually shows) was bought by my friend, Emily, who didn’t want it, so I bought it off of her. And then I found this navy blue one with white piping from Isaac Mizrahi for Target. Seriously, I am such a sucker for blazers, as you will find out this fall - basically the minute the thermometer drops below 70. Pair one with riding boots, and I am set. Blazers are my soft spot.