A Little Luxurious Exfoliation

Now that we're down to almost one month (!!!) to the big wedding day, I'm buckling down big time on my skincare routine. For instance, every once in a while, I treat myself to a night where (and I'm ashamed to admit it) . . . I sleep with my makeup on. It's a rare occasion, but NO MORE—at least not until post-wedding.  

In an effort to make my skin as smooth as possible and to give my skin the best base possible for makeup, I've added Tatcha's Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder to my routine. 


I love this powder because I can add it to any cleanser, and the cleanser is transformed into an exfoliating cleanser. It's perfect for any skin type, whether you have sensitive or normal skin; it's not abrasive whatsoever, and the enzymes help your skin cells turn over in addition to the physical exfoliant.  My skin feels incredible in the morning after I use this, and a little goes a long way. I'll be using this 2–3 times a week until I don that white dress in October!

(If you're looking for a budget-friendly option, this powder from Bioré is a great alternative.)