Daily: Swirls and Lolligags

Remember those gigantic lollipops that were giant swirls? Remember that your parents would never let you buy one, so you were forced to wait until the few trips to amusement parks when they would allow you to pick between a huge rainbow lollipop or a larger-than-life jawbreaker? I always chose the jawbreaker. Here’s the breakdown:

Blouse: Goodwill (J.Crew)
Skirt: Goodwill (Gap)
Sandals: Old Navy
Necklace: Rue21
Clutch: H&M
Watch: Garage sale
Bangles: Garage sale/gift
Lip Color: Estee Lauder Melon Shimmer 

As I picked my outfit last night, I wanted to try mixing prints while keeping it office-appropriate. I took a cue from Stacy and Clinton (What Not to Wear), who said that mixing prints in the office is fine as long as one of the prints is smaller. So my big print is the swirl in the skirt (which reminds me of lollipops), and my small print is the pinstripe in my thrifted blouse, complimented by my new favorite necklace!