Daily: Survival of the Fittest

This week was easily my busiest week by far in my entire college career. I didn’t get much of a weekend; luckily, finals week is next week, and I only have one final. This week was pretty stressful, and I certainly don’t want to wish away my time in college, considering I only have a year left. I must say, though, that summer break is looking to be sweeter and sweeter with each day that goes by. Here’s the breakdown:

Dress: Garage sale (Gap)
Sandals: Banana Republic
Bag: Garage sale
Necklaces: Garage salesĀ 

I wore this dress on Wednesday for a group presentation. I bought it at a garage sale this past summer but haven’t been brave enough to wear it yet. I know that sounds silly, but the fabric is pretty clingy. Yes, it is indeed black with tiny little dots on it, and I indeed paired it with brown shoes. Oh, you didn’t know black and brown go together? They do. Especially when that brown is a pair of heels from Banana Republic for $18.

Big plans for the weekend anybody? I’m just going to relax at school and spend some time with the girls on my wing before we all part for the summer. Have a great weekend!