Style LOVE: Sarah

Welcome to Re-Mix-Her Sarah, my petite Southern friend with great taste in clothes. She is a sophomore communications studies major who lives on my wing and also traveled to Turkey last month (check out the scarf she bought there). Not only is she cute and bubbly, but she has a killer dress collection. Here’s the breakdown:

Jacket: Stella McCartney
Sparkly Sweater: Ann Taylor LOFT
Jeggings: Aerie
Boots: Monkey’s
Scarf: bought in Ephesus
Earrings: Gift

1. Describe your style in three words.
Feminine, classic, and preppy.

2. What are some of your favorite places to shop, and who are your favorite designers?
I like to shop at Anthropologie, H&M, Forever 21, Saks 5th Avenue, J.Crew, BCBG, and Diane von Furstenberg (when I’m feeling crazy). As far as designers go, I love Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Chanel, and Milly.

3. Where do you find inspirations for your outfits?
I look in magazines like Vogue and Elle. I also like to get inspiration from old movies and artworks.

4. How do you figure out what you want to wear each day? 
Usually I choose an outfit based on my mood. If I’m feeling relaxed, I’ll go with softer colors and understated styles, but if I am feeling excited about something, I’ll pull out the brightest colors I can find!

5. Who are your style icons?
Grace Kelly, Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Jessica Biel, and Emily Weiss.

6. How do you want to see your style evolve this year? What risks do you want to take?
I definitely want to start experimenting with bolder shoes! Hopefully, I won’t to compromise on comfort. I have an obsession with super high heels, but I keep falling whenever I wear them. Since knee guards are NOT an option, I’ve been trying to stick with more practical shoe choices. Hopefully I can find a balance between comfort and style!