Stay Organized: Bracelets

What does a small dorm room and lots of jewelry mean? Innovative ways to organize them while still keeping them visible. I’ve seen a couple of those bracelets racks they use at Macy’s, but they’re about $8 for only a small section. As a college student, I can’t afford that. So during last year’s garage sale season, I had the brilliant idea to use mug holders to organize my bracelets. I have three that I use; together, they cost me only $2.50. I even use them to display my shorter-length necklaces. The¬†mug holders¬†work perfectly in my room at school.

By the way, if you need to organize your bracelets, I still see mug holders at garage sales all the time, and they’re inexpensive. You just have to scour a couple of sales before you find one.

Are there any clever ways you organize accessories? Do you prefer to keep them in lined boxes, or do you like them displayed where you can see them?