Staple of the Year: April

Jacket: Loft | Blouse: J.Crew via Saver’s | Skirt: Gap | Sandals: Steve Madden via Goodwill | Sunnies: H&M | Bag: Maurizio Taiuti via Garage sale | Bracelets: Forever 21/Macy’s

Happy Monday! The weekends always fly by way too quickly, don’t they? Even though it is the second week of April and technically, I should have done this post last week, I didn’t get the chance to photograph wearing my staple of the year last week. So I re-wore it yet again this week, this time with a hot pink blouse and my ultimate staple — my military-esque jacket. So far, this is my favorite way I’ve worn my staple of the year. (See January, February and March.) We had beautiful, 70-degree weather this weekend, and I couldn’t resist pulling out my wedges and sandals. Premature? Perhaps. But I like to live in the moment, and the moment was telling me wedges were the way to go.