Daily: Spring Fever

While I admit I am a fall and winter-loving person, I do love springtime when it’s still cooler yet sunny. This outfit encapsulates everything I love about spring: the light layers, the bright pinks of flowers, and the deep greens of well-watered grass, not to mention cute new wedges to wear around campus! Here’s the breakdown:

Jacket: Aeropostale
Ruffled Sweater (underneath): Gap
Flower Print Blouse (underneath): Goodwill (J.Crew)
Shorts: Gap
Espadrilles: Goodwill (Gap)
Necklace: Rue21

My roommate calls these espadrilles my Santa’s Secret Workshop shoes because at first glance, they have the color of Christmas and look like candy canes. Upon closer inspection, however, that red color is actually a watermelon color. I tried to get her to change the name to Santa’s Secret Watermelon shoes, but she didn’t exactly go for it. These are my first pair of lace-up espadrilles, and other than the rough material exfoliating the bottom of my feet, I really like them! I drew my outfit inspiration from the colors in the shoes, playing with watermelon pinks with shots of kelly green. Happy Spring!