Spring Break: Inspiration

As you’re reading this, I’m probably on my way to Nashville with my family for the next week. While I do have a little bit of homework to do, I’m excited to spend most of the week relaxing and exploring Nashville. My dad is looking forward to the barbeque, my mom has already scouted out the local knitting shops, and my brother is bringing his computer along so he won’t be without his beloved video games. Hello, vacation.

I know my bed and packing looks like a mess, but it’s an organized mess. I’ve already picked out my outfits, and I’m mixing and matching a lot of the pieces so I won’t over-pack like I tend to do. It’s a female thing. 

My inspiration for the trip is the classics. I have stripes, navy, and brown with pops of yellow, red, and green. On my shopping list of things to look for are hats, big clutches, and a Mulberry-inspired bag, along with anything bright and printed and maybe some city shorts. 

I plan on taking pictures the whole week (both of outfits and of Nashville), so it’ll almost be like you’re going with me! Monday will be the first post. Meanwhile, I’ll be in the car for eight hours. Have a great weekend!