Daily: Some City Time

Seeing as how I doubted that today I’d be wanting to put up my outfit from yesterday (a.k.a. shorts and an old ratty t-shirt - the perfect move-in outfit), I planned ahead with this post! This outfit is actually from last Thursday when my friends met me in Fort Wayne to celebrate my birthday a little early. Here’s the breakdown:

Tank: Garage sale (Banana Republic)
Camisole: Gap
Shorts: Garage sale
Flats: AJ Wright
Necklace: Garage sale
Sunglasses: Aeropostale
Bag: Garage sale (Coach)

These printed flats are quite possibly my favorites. Not only is the print insane, but the shoes don’t hurt my feet - a big plus, considering most of the flats I buy don’t hurt my feet at first, then give me major blisters after wearing them longer. I walked around the city without these flats giving me any trouble at all. I felt I wanted a pop of color, especially while wearing a black tank, hence the purple-printed shoes and camisole.

I love the city.