Daily: Socrates and Beethoven

I love Thursdays. I don’t have classes, I have a coffee date with a friend from a neighboring university, and we have something tonight called Nostalgia Night. Basically, it’s a show of student bands playing songs from before the year the current seniors were born. I love oldies, but even more than oldies, I love the movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, which is the theme of Nostalgia Night this year. I am a complete nerd, and I love Socrates (pronounced like So-Crates), Beethoven (pronounced like Beeth-Oven), and Napoleon. Excellent! Here’s the breakdown:

White Tee (Layered): Garage sale (Banana Republic)
Blazer: Gift (Banana Republic)
Jeggings: Elle (Kohl’s)
Boots: WalMart
Scarf: WalMart
Belt: Garage sale
Clutch: Gift (Banana Republic)
Earrings: ??? 

I’ve wanted to do the belted scarf for awhile, but sometimes a girl just forgets these things until she sees another blogger do it. I’ve also wanted to straighten my hair for awhile, which finally took place after about a week of contemplating it. Change can be good, even if it’s only for a day. 

I love my blazer, and I’m pretty sure I will keep it forever and ever. Here’s a hint to make me happy: anything light blue and anything with elbow pads. I get totally jealous of guys who have blazers with elbow pads on them because I can’t help but think how many women’s blazers do not have elbow pads on them. What could be better than a blazer with elbow pads, velvet trim, and a light blue tweed? 

Excellent! (You will only understand this sudden obsession with “Excellent!” if and only if you’ve been enlightened by watching Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.)