Project: Slightly Hat-Obsessed


I knit my first project when I was in first grade: white mittens for my dad. I’ve knit on and off since then, but I haven’t fallen in love with it like my mom has - until this summer. I have officially caught the bug. I currently have four projects going at once, all of which you see above. I figured after finishing my black hat, I could reward myself with starting more projects.

Picture 1: I am really excited about this hat. It’s from Lisa Gentry’s Celebrity Slouchy Knit Beanies for the Family. I’m knitting the cabled classic in raspberry; it has a darling band that goes around the ribbing with a button. Believe me, I cannot wait to finish and wear this one! Even better, there are two more hats from this booklet I want to knit.

Picture 2: This one is called the Gwynedd Hat from the fall 2010 issue of Knit Scene. It’s in the very beginning stages, so it looks unfinished and a little ugly. But it will be cute. Check out the pictures of finished ones here!

Picture 3: Out of all my projects, I’m least excited about this one. Why? Because it is going to take forever, and by forever, I really mean forever. I’m knitting the infinity scarf from Vogue Knitting International Winter 2009/10. It’s supposed to measure 90 inches long according to the pattern, which is taller than I am! I’m only knitting it to be 45 inches, unless I really want to torture myself and finish all 90 inches after ten years of work. We’ll see.

Project 4: This project is half-finished! I’m done with the left glove and about ready to begin the right. These are cute fingerless gloves called Fetchings. It’s a little hard to tell with the yarn I used, but the bottom and top of the glove is cabled. And the yarn I used for it is one of the softest things I’ve ever felt in my life: alpaca. Love it!

A big thanks goes to Knitting Today for helping me out with these projects!