Daily: Simplicity

Crazy days. Why do we always save things for the last minute? I just realized yesterday that I had to list a few things on eBay before midnight, so I was listing items for four hours. It was insane. Hopefully my packing for school won’t be like that. I started on it yesterday…a little. I needed a little bit of simplicity and sanity today. Here’s the breakdown:

Shirt: Garage sale
Camisole: Gap
Shorts: Garage sale (Banana Republic)
Sandals: Steve Madden
Watch: Garage sale
Necklace: gift from a friend who got it in Africa
Bag: Garage sale (Fossil)

I’m a big fan of blue and brown together, so much so that even my room at school is blue and brown-themed. It always looks classy, in my opinion. I love the way this shirt hangs. I don’t normally go for shirts that have the bands around the bottom hem, but for whatever reason, this one really just floats my boat. Not to mention that it kind of goes along with sailor-inspired pieces.

My friend, Karoline, was in Africa a little over a year ago, and she brought this necklace back for me! I love it. It even looks handpainted, which is amazing considering the time it must have taken.

Do you have any favorite accessories that a lot of craft and care went into that you absolutely love?