Daily: Simple is Best

Moving back home always puts me in the mood to do a closet clean-out, whether I’m moving home for the summer or only for a few weeks. That’s what happened this weekend: major closet clean-out, to the point that my dad suggested we have a garage sale. So guess how I’ll be spending part of my week? Getting things ready and organized for our short-notice garage sale. Here’s the breakdown:

Sweater: Gap
Jacket: Garage sale (Abercrombie and Fitch)
Short: The Limited
Sandals: Target
Ring/Necklace: Garage sale
Bag: Banana Republic

I’m slowly coming to realize that most of the time, simple is best. The amount of clothes I have in my closet doesn’t necessarily matter anymore, and simplicity is better when it comes to the quantity of pieces. Even with this outfit, simple is best. Coming off of my internship, I wanted to spend my weekend in easy pieces that would be comfortable yet classic. Simple really is best … at least this week.