Daily/Project: Seriously, Summer?

What is up with these near-90-degree temperatures? I had just gotten into the fall mood, especially with the leaves turning gorgeous colors, when all of a sudden - BAM! Summer resurrected itself. My dorm room is now hot again, and even sleeping at night is torture. Thanks, Summer. Thanks. Here’s the breakdown:

Tee: Gap
Shorts: H&M
Sandals: TJ Maxx (Steve Madden)
Necklace: Garage sale

As you can very well see, my outfit is nothing amazing today. Why? Because I’m mad at summer and heat, and I didn’t feel like putting on shorts today. But I did. My roommate had on a really cute outfit today in which she mixed black-and-white stripes and a green skirt, so I took some inspiration from her. Olive green has seriously become this great neutral as of late, and I liked the edginess of the black shorts with the olive green in my shirt. Add a “slightly tribal” necklace (as my rommate called it), and I’m all set to attempt to survive the temps today.

It’s Tumblr Tuesday, so recommend me!

In other (and better) news, I finished another hat! This one is made of alpaca, so it’s extremely warm and really heavy. It’ll be perfect for a snowy day.