Daily: School Spirit

Homecoming was this past weekend, so although I’m a little late, I decided to show a little school spirit today. Nothing like a game day tee to get you in the mood for some football or soccer. Or some Converse tennies. Here’s the breakdown:

Tee: Campus store
Jeans: Rue21
Converse: Marshall’s
Bag: Sears
Bracelets: Elder Beerman/Garage sale
Ring: Kohls
Earrings: Claire’s
Headband: Claire’s

I’ll admit that I feel a little dorky saying that I got some of my accessories from Claire’s. I rarely go, but when I do, I always find good stuff on sale. I love my Converse. The plaid in them has so many colors that are easy to match, like orange, green, and purple (hence the purple Taylor University shirt). I’m all about multi-functional shoes.

Also, I have been wanting a cognac-colored bag ever since I saw a girl carrying one around from Urban Outfitters. But seeing as how I didn’t want to pay $70 for it, I decided that this $10 one from Sears would do. Cognac is my new favorite color.

Fall break starts today! I’m actually going home after my last class at 11 and some lunch, so the next few posts will be while I’m at home. I’m all about home-cooked food and my own bed.