The Best Affordable Lash Glue

The Best Affordable Lash Glue | Re-Mix-Her

The past few times I've pulled out my false eyelashes to wear for a night out, I've also pulled out my Duo lash glue, only to find that it not only reeked (TMI?), but it was getting more and more difficult to apply. Duo comes in a squeeze tube, and while it's the drugstore standard that most beauty bloggers rave about, I found it to be fidgety, slightly runny, and all-around annoying.

There's been some buzz recently that Revlon's Precision lash glue is supposed to be pretty good. I had a hard time finding it in stores but managed to wrangle up the dark and the clear, which my bestie bought me for my birthday (thanks, Liz!!). After giving it a serious test run, I'm a convert. You apply the glue with a little brush, and it's almost impossible to make it clumpy. Didn't manage to nail down the corners of your falsies? The brush applicator is perfect for reaching between your lashes to cement the falsies down. Oh, and the staying power? It lasted through humidity and a birthday celebration full of dancing. Consider me converted.