Recent Fitness Purchases


I’ve never been an exercise junkie or a gym rat. In fact, up until the past couple of months, I really didn’t exercise much beyond walking (which usually ended up being between two and three miles per day) and riding my bike to and from the coffee shop in the afternoons. I just don’t particularly love getting sweaty, having to debate whether or not to wash my hair thanks to the sweat, and the inconvenience of exercise because of how long it takes to fit in a good workout. 

When I had my final wedding dress fitting in August, my seamstress told me I needed to try to lose three pounds for the dress to fit ideally—not necessarily pressure anyone wants to feel during an already stress-filled process. I took it to heart, though, and used it as motivation to get me to the gym four to five times a week since the beginning of August. This might not seem like a huge fete, but for someone who dreaded exercise and any form of running, it’s a pretty big accomplishment.  

In the process I’ve discovered that . . . I actually like going to the gym. Toward the end of the work day, I become excited and almost crave physical activity. I enjoy the feeling of walking back from the gym, knowing that I’m going to feel sore the next day. My daily workout consists of running for a mile (about as long as my attention span will let me use the treadmill or elliptical)  and a mix of strength-training abs, legs/butt, and arms (I like to switch up what I focus on every day).

I’m realizing that going to the gym has become less about fitting into my wedding dress (which, by the way, I tried on on Friday and it still fits perfectly—phew!). Going to the gym has become less about wedding weight loss because, let’s face it, I’d rather look like myself on my wedding day than become so obsessed with losing weight that I can’t keep up the regime after the big day. Instead, going to the gym and getting daily exercise has become more about me feeling great about myself. It truly does clear my mind; it gives me a more positive attitude. I noticed my muscles responding to the strength training, and it feels good to know I’m stronger than I was in July.  


Since exercising has become more of a habit and a joy in my daily life, I decided to treat myself to some new gym gear. I’ve mentioned Old Navy leggings in the past, and they are still my favorite to wear, whether I’m running in the gym or walking the dogs in the early morning. I just recently picked up this striped pair and this mesh-insert pair. Give me all the high compression leggings, please! 

I’ve never owned a pair of wireless headphones and never really understood how convenient they are until Brian purchased this set for me. I seriously don’t know how I lived without them, and they’re surprisingly comfortable. I figured they’d fall right out of my ears the second I started running, but I’m now convinced they have magical voodoo balancing powers in them to help them stay in place. 

I’ve also been admittedly obsessed with checking Fabletics for their new collections. I’ve purchased leggings from them in the past (and they’re fab—excuse my pun), but this time around I went the accessories route with a new water bottle and a yet-to-be-unwrapped yoga mat. Most of my Saturday mornings up to this point have been spent traveling for wedding-planning, but once the big day is over and Saturday mornings are mine again, I envision doing some relaxing yoga. 

Any other athletic companies I should check out? Let me know, and enjoy my workout playlist below!