Proud to be pasty

(wearing a Jones New York top via Goodwill, shorts via Goodwill, Brahmin bag c/o Vogue, Relativity wedges via Carson’s, gifted necklace)

If I’ve learned one lesson growing up, it is this: Be confident in who you are and content with the way you were made. Last night I was reading a May 2012 Teen Vogue article similar to this one, and the percentage found in both articles struck a chord in me. “Young adults who use sunbeds increase their chance of developing melanoma by 75 percent, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer,” the article says.

Seventy-five percent! Melanoma is the most serious skin cancer, according to, and can spread beyond the skin and become something life-threatening. Is the trip to the tanning bed really worth it?

Tanning the “natural” way via sunlight isn’t any better. My mom was diagnosed with melanoma a few years ago, and she’d never set foot in a tanning bed before. She had just been sunburned time after time each summer. Luckily, after surgery, tears and many, many tests, she was declared cancer-free. The lesson she learned was a tough lesson, though.

I was teased for being pale throughout middle school and even high school, but after my mom’s bout with skin cancer, I welcomed my pasty complexion. It took years of boosting my confidence, but at 21 I am proud not to be tan.

Tanning is dangerous, life-threatening and potentially fatal. Notice that the statistic above doesn’t differentiate between skin tone, race or eye color. Everyone is at risk. So be happy with the way God made you, and slather on sunscreen before you go outside. It just might save your life.

*Sorry to get all preachy on you guys, but this topic is very near and dear to my heart! After reading that article, I had to say something. :)