Project: Royal Cardigan

Due to a long weekend because of no classes yesterday, I had a bit of a lazy weekend. Here’s how to tell I’ve had a lazy weekend: my posts end up being not about outfits. And in case you still haven’t gotten the hint, today’s post is my second non-outfit post in a row. So please don’t hate me, but sometimes a girl just has to have a lazy, sweat-wearing, homework-filled, long weekend, you know? I know you’ll forgive me.

So this is my latest knitting project. I haven’t shown you guys any of my recent knitting projects for awhile, probably because this one has been taking up most of my time and has been going on for awhile. I’m knitting a cardigan (appropriately and boringly named “Cardigan”) from the Vogue Knitting Fall 2010 magazine. They had a British-inspired spread, and the cardigan was one of the many cute things I wanted to knit. 

This is my first sweater. I feel like it’s a test of my stamina because I’ve been working on this since September. I got a little side-tracked with some hats and scarves, but I am determined to finish this little project before the end of January. Actually, my roommate told me I had to finish it before she got back from studying abroad for the month of January. So I’m booking it, trying to finish this cardigan.

I’m knitting it out of this yarn called Eucool, named because of its mix of eucalyptus fibers and wool. So it’ll be a more lightweight sweater. I love the classic colors, and in the magazine, the cardigan had British pins on it. Hence the name I have dubbed it: Royal Cardigan.

I’m currently working on the left sleeve. All that’s left to do is finish knitting that, the right sleeve, and the piping/collar. Then I need to block the pieces (basically get them damp and pin them so they’ll hold their shape and dimensions), and sew the whole thing together. Yes, there are only 13 days left. 

Tomorrow, I’ll be back to my regular posting. I promise!