Daily: Prep School

I wish I could hide behind that book forever. This week and next week are the only downside to school because they are filled with sheer craziness. Thankfully, summer break kind of begins early for me because I only have one final during finals week, and that’s on the last possible day to take a final. So that week will kind of be the beginning of summer for me. Until then, I need to make it through these next two weeks. Here’s the breakdown:

Blazer: TJ Maxx (American Eagle)
Striped Button-Up: Gap
Jeans: Dear
Flats: The Shoe Department
Ring: Banana Republic
Necklace: Gift  

My subconscious never fails to impress me, especially when I pull a blazer out of the closet with the perfect button-up hanging under it. This one just happened to be a match made in…prep school. Since it was raining out, I figured I’d take outfit shots in the library today to enhance the preppiness of the look. 

Busy week, so this post is short and sweet!