Daily: Please Excuse My Wrinkles

I am truly hurt if you looked at the title of the post and then proceeded to look over every inch of my face, searching for wrinkles. How old do you think I am? Well, if you’d really like to know, I’m 20…at least until August. The wrinkles in my dress (due to sitting at work all day) are the wrinkles that need to be excused. Here’s the breakdown:

Dress: Goodwill
Cardigan: Goodwill (Talbots)
Heels: Gift
Necklace: Gift (Elder Beerman)
Clutch: Goodwill
Watch: Garage sale
Ring: Banana Republic 

This cobalt blue and coral orange seem to be my old standbys as of late. The color of the necklace is slowly becoming a neutral in my closet, and I have to refrain from pairing it with every outfit. Who would have thought blue and orange would have made such a smashing pair?

Notice how almost this entire outfit is thrifted? I make myself proud. I bought the cardigan and the dress at the same time, thinking they would go so well together (especially since the dress is actually strapless and slightly inappropriate for the office when worn by itself). The solution? A tribal-printed cardigan with a pop of coral.