Pinspired: A touch of silver

imageimageimageBlazer: Forever 21 | Sweater: Eddie Bauer via Goodwill | Skirt: Goodwill | Tights: Kohl’s | Heels: BCBG via Goodwill | Clutch: Vintage | Ring: Kohl’s | Sunnies: Free People (gift)

As I’m sure you well know (if you’ve been reading RMH for a while), I love mixing feminine and masculine pieces. What’s more feminine than a skirt, and what’s more masculine than a blazer. “Nothing” is the correct answer. So when I saw how Emma Stone had paired a boxy blazer with a skirt in this pin, I wanted to do the same. I love how casual it looks on her, and while I went for a slightly more polished approach (and — let’s face it — winter-appropriate approach), I think the two look smashing together. 

Plus, did you see the little silver accents on the heels? I love a little touch of pizzazz.