Daily: Cape + Poncho = Pape/Concho

I thrive on structure. I love routines, and by the time I finish getting ready in the morning, I 9 times out of 10 already have my entire day planned out. I like to-do lists, particularly crossing things off them. Add a jacket to my love of structure, and it’s basically the perfect mix. Can you tell I’m type A? Here’s the breakdown:

Necktie Blouse: TJ Maxx
Jacket: TJ Maxx (Vertigo Paris)
Jeggings: Old Navy
Flats: The Shoe Department
Ring: Banana Republic
Bag: Garage sale
Watch: Garage sale

I can’t get over this mix of the necktie blouse with the structured jacket. I think it’s genius and very ladylike. The jacket is so chic, and it’s this crazy mix of a jacket, a cape, and a poncho. I think I’ll call it a pape or a concho. I kept things nice and simple on the bottom because of the volume of the jacket and the shininess of the blouse. I can’t seem to go anywhere without my coin purse now; it’s the ideal size for a college student like me. 

I’m finally home for Thanksgiving break! This break will definitely be unlike any others I’ve had because it’s full of errands, appointments, food, and a wedding! One of my close friends from school is getting married, and I’m so excited. Be prepared for outfit pictures from her wedding. 

Also, I decided not to over-pack like I always do, so I only brought a few things home. I’d just like to state for the record that it all fit in one duffel bag. That’s right.