Panama hat

Between my internship, doing some freelance writing and editing, and spending an hour or two each day looking for a full-time job, my days have been swamped. However, I’ve made a commitment to myself that I’m going to stop working at 5 and take a step away from technology for a few hours. Balance — it’s what makes the world go round. Here’s the breakdown:

T-Shirt: LOFT via Garage sale
Shorts: Goodwill (semi-similar here)
Sandals: Target (old)
Panama Hat: Garage sale (very affordable versions here and here)
Sunnies: Free People (gift)
Bag: Vintage Coach via Garage sale
Necklace: Garage sale
Bracelets: My grandma’s/Forever 21 

I’ve been holding out on buying a Panama hat, even though I’ve wanted one since last summer. However, my searching and patience finally came to fruition last Friday when I saw this beauty on the top of a rack at a garage sale. Some poor old man decided he didn’t want his Hawaii-flower-printed hat anymore, at which point I took it off his hands for a buck, went to Jo-Ann’s, ripped off the old band (hello, cruise wear) and replaced it with black ribbon. Best dollar of my life, and as promised, this is the debut of my long-awaited Panama hat. Blog, meet hat. Hat, meet blog. You two will be getting really friendly.